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please kill me


These are things that I like. You don't like it? Lol k.


Words... words cannot express how wonderful this is. It's just... brilliant. Thank you. You've healed my heart with this... this amazin...



it's April 2014 and I still haven't done anything productive other than mark this as my 6th month of being pescetarian

oh well


Bethy, the Creator
United States
bethy // 16 // pescetarian // pansexual // taken <3 // feminist // agnostic // gamer // otaku asshole // folk dork //

Where my spookin' icon came from:…

It's a screenshot of Book Simon from Cry of Fear. He terrifies me.



~Tintin stamp by Kiiara95~The Adventures of Tintin Stamp by LoudNoises~TinTin's Best Catchphrase by the-ocean-sings~What is it, Eren? Stamp by Wintry-Fire~Stamp: Eren flies by Lily-de-Wakabayashi~SNK: Jean Kirschtein Stamp by Adraowen~:SNK: Jean stamp by Yellow--Arrow~Shingeki no Kyojin Stamp by Suelen-Akita~Kiyotaka Ishimaru by asta-roth~Ishimaru by BloodLustingCreature~Ishida by BloodLustingCreature~Who the f**k dropped the soap!? by BloodLustingCreature~Forget Beam by BloodLustingCreature~Hetalia flags stamp by natersal~Shingeki no Kyojin Stamp by hakutan~APH: I love Prussia Stamp by Chibikaede~MYAAH! by Dragongirl269~Russia by aph-lovers~Armin Stamp by RevivalSnK~:thumb277286582:~Game Ove- wha? - Wreck-It Ralph Stamp by Dry-Rowseroopa~APH: I love Berwald Stamp by Chibikaede~Wreck-It Ralph stamp by TheSharkGuy~Killer Croc Stamp by Aurora-Starlet~Stamp: Rivaille attacks by Lily-de-Wakabayashi~ultimate haddock stamp by S-e-l-a~GTA IV - Niko Bellic Stamp by Raiyun~wreck-it ralph stamp by Pharaoh-Ink~The Adventures Of TinTin *Captain Haddock* by DemoniumAngel~Gta Stamp by PrincessTigerLili~Tintin Stamp by Kiiara95~:thumb183431503:~UnkaStamp by Unka-Bill~Tintin and Haddock stamp by Ad1er~Batman Stamp by ineedname~Kazuichi Souda Stamp by Birdinator~Ralph Stamp by DuskofGold5~it's turbo-time by Pharaoh-Ink~:thumb289735850:~Joker Fail Light Stamp by ChaseYoungIsMine~Passing Tongue by GeminiGirl83~joker by smilelikeacid~:thumb213709462:~OFF Game Stamp by vomitcunt~QIMH Stamp by QuasiIsMyHomeboy~Sweden Stamp by nao1789~facade. by Digest~Tintin stamp by GordAfarid by TheTintinClub~Harvey Dent Stamp by HarveyDentStamp1plz~Spiderman Stamp by SuperFlash1980~Killer Croc stamp by Red-08~japan Kiku Honda stamp by crazysistahs~OFF Stamp by Yrke~Trevor Phillips stamp by horses27~hetalia ending stamp by Julesie~Hetalia animation stamp by Naru-Nisa~Two-Face Stamp by TomatoDragon~Harley Quinn Stamp 2 by dA--bogeyman~Marvel Comics Hawkeye Fan Stamp by dA--bogeyman~batman and catwoman. by ryvir~Avengers Stamp - Hawkeye and Black Widow by The-GreenGoblin~Our beginning - stamp by Hele-Jaguar~Kaiba Fan Stamp by NHS-5~X-Men Stamp - Gambit and Rogue by The-GreenGoblin~Avengers EMH Stamp - Iron Man by The-GreenGoblin~Harley Quinn Stamp by IchiseGossip~Agent Smith stamp by Bourbons3~senji stamp by crablock~FacePalm by NHS-5~CatFight Stamp by NHS-5~PolarShipping Fan Stamp by NHS-5~Joker Stamp by badtrane~AA: Killer Croc Stamp by ShadowHachia~Iron Man Stamp - Party Time by The-GreenGoblin~DC Jonathan Crane Stamp by TwilightProwler~APH - Axis Marching Stamp by 2Dea~APH - Allies Marching Stamp by 2Dea~Harley Quinn Stamp by DaRk-Stamps~Riddler Stamp by AdmiralMizaki~Dr Jonathan Crane Stamp by Aurora-Starlet~Scarecrow stamp by Schreibertooth~Scarecrow stamp by currry~Nagito komaeda stamp by moeco~Scarecrow Animated Stamp by DaRk-Stamps~DC Two-Face Stamp by TwilightProwler~TMNT by D3WABATE~Germany stamp by Naru-Nisa~APH- Germany Stamp by HidanKakuzuPsychoGal~Russia kolkolkol stamp by raimundo-fangirl~Tom Hiddleston Stamp by TwilightProwler~batman nerd. by ryvir~MARVEL Happy Loki Stamp by TwilightProwler~Yasuhiro Hagakure by asta-roth~Stamp - Dare to tell a riddle? by Ghostbusterlover~Scarecrow Arkham Asylum by DaRk-Stamps~Attack On Titan Stamp: Sasha Barus by wow1076~Stamp Mockingbird Toto Sakigami 2 by Metal-CosxArt~Flashing Gaara Stamp by FANGIE-CHAN~Attack On Titan Stamp: Connie Springer by wow1076~Tom Hiddleston stamp by Vicky-Redfield~Toki Wartooth Stamp :D by Scourge-Is-Awesome~Lord Stingray Giggle by GeminiGirl83~pickles stamp. by Teffie~Eren Stamp (Attack on Titan) by Meowmixed~Germany stamp by Naru-Nisa~Psychological Validation Stamp by Miiroku~AOM Stamp by akatten~:thumb369583186:~heather stamp by HavokPanda~Russia stamp by Naru-Nisa~lisa stamp by HavokPanda~Travis Grady STAMP by ForeverSonu~Japan stamp by Naru-Nisa~james stamp by HavokPanda~Henry Townsend Fan by QuidxProxQuo~alex stamp by HavokPanda~Not Your Mary Stamp by angelbebop8~Father Vincent by DeadCatStamps~Bully Stamp by decayandrubbish~And you... MELVIN STAMP by ForeverSonu~Silent Hill 2 Stamp by SelphieSK~Dancing with two hearts by sally65356~DW- Rose stamp by Noe-Izumi~What, and you're in charge? by fricken-pimp~That's Donna. She's a card. by fricken-pimp~Doctor Who: Nine's Logo Stamp by chaucolai~I :heart: the Doctor by redshadow-online~Ninth - vertical stamp by Tsuki-Nekota~DW Nine Grin Stamp by TwilightProwler~DW A Timelord and his Ears Stamp by TwilightProwler~~DW Nine Smile Stamp by TwilightProwler~DW Serious Nine Stamp by TwilightProwler~DW Happy Nine Stamp by TwilightProwler~DW Hello Ninth Doctor Stamp by TwilightProwler~Ninth Doctor stamp by Bourbons3~DW Nine Smile Stamp by TwilightProwler~My other car is a TARDIS stamp by CrimsonReach~DW Do You Want To Come With Me Stamp by TwilightProwler~The tenth doctor by BlueRavenAngel~Bully stamp by 5-3-10-4~:thumb322318505:~DW Ten Peek Stamp by TwilightProwler~Jin by ovstamps~:thumb334649319:~Eleventh Doctor stamp by Bourbons3~Dethklok stamp by Ravenfire5~:thumb97635666:~Fear Gaara Stamp by angelbebop8~Dethklok - Skwisgaar :heart: by Galialay~lead guitarist stamp by chaosinmelody~Murderface Stamp by nascarstones~Be A Dude Stamp by Carthoris~Nathan Stamp 6 by NowellsStamps~Stingray and Pet by GeminiGirl83~Thunderhorse - Ride Stamp by ArtistMeli~Stamp . Mordecai Fan by Seyren-Windsor~:thumb333840108:~:thumb333841387:~Loiter Squad by MarytheCreator~TYLER by MarytheCreator~U.A.A. by suckus~OFWGKTA by MarytheCreator~Earl Sweatshirt by MarytheCreator~John Freeman Stamp by 777whitedragoness~HE HAS WEPON by Metroid-Tamer~Henry Freeman Stamp by bijoukaiba~Hero Beggining Stamp by darkhoodness~Sander Cohen Stamp by Clockwerk-chan~Stamp - Gaara Smile by Sandy--Apples~Eleanor Lamb Stamp 2 of 4 by Count-Urbonov~Stamp::Bioshock:Infinite: by Rayne-Is-Butts~Damon Baird Stamp by Vaelyis~Akatsuki Stamp by RandomTons~I cried over Dom... Stamp by LoboDiabloLoneWolf~:thumb334660395:~Gear of War 3 Stamp by dalla-kun~Leon Kuwata by asta-roth~Dangan Ronpa Stamp by Ryxedieos~facade stamp. by Digest~Stamp Mockingbird Toto Sakigami 3 by Metal-CosxArt~OFF Stamp by Gunner-heart~Zacharie Stamp by ChibiChibiSha~NMHstamp - travislove by bodysnatched~NMHstamp - holly summers VI by bodysnatched~twins stamp by cinsaut~Disney Stamp - Tarzan 002 by hanakt~Tarzan 2 by princess-femi-stamps~Hades stamp by Bourbons3~NMH - Harvey Volodarskii by Biplizard~Naruto: Gaara stamp oo1 by Kaze-yo~Disney Stamp - BatB 007 by hanakt~Disney Stamp - Mulan 005 by hanakt~Disney's Atlantis stamp by Numbuh9~OHOHO. by AlchemyOtaku17~Kyouko Kirigiri by asta-roth~:thumb334649177:~Samurai Champloo Stamp by jvrichardson~:thumb69634334:~tanaka gundam stamp by K-A-W-O-R-U

My long-time deviantart friend that I love very much :heart:

my broski :heart:

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